1ere annee, efi

Mme Adey & Mme Sweetapple, EFI

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le 24 octobre

October 21st – E

Les mots fréquents Le poème





Je vois!

Je vois six cubes.

Tu vois sept triangles.

Il voit huit rectangles.

Elle voit neuf cercles.

On voit dix formes.


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Luc va a l’ecole

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mon sac d’ecole

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Quizlet Links – Grade 1 (2018-19)


Below are our Quizlet links. You may find these helpful for pronunciation, practice and switching up your child’s homework routine! You can even play games with our letters, poems and sounds. Happy practising!


Mme Adey et Mme Szeto


Organized by category:

Letter Practice: https://quizlet.com/join/HuvufmXrE

Sight Words: https://quizlet.com/join/KH6nYQn7S

Sounds: https://quizlet.com/join/Rp4ZXdssc

Poems: https://quizlet.com/join/jxAEr5ab5

Oral Practice: https://quizlet.com/join/dnQMphFcc

Extra Sound Poems: https://quizlet.com/join/AX9mTdBxN

Sac de livres: https://quizlet.com/join/6sbFwnVf7

Baggie Books: https://quizlet.com/join/WzSsf4Za8


Organized by week:

Review letters and letter-sounds: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/1-reviser

Le 1 octobre: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/october-1st

Le 15 octobre: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/october-15th

Le 22 octobre: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/october-22nd

Le 29 octobre: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/october-29th

Le 5 novembre: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/november-5th

Le 12 novembre: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/november-12th

Le 19 novembre: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/november-19th

Le 26 novembre: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/november-26th

Le 3 décembre: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/december-3rd

Le 10 décembre: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/december-10th

Le 17 décembre: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/december-17th

Le 24 et 31 décembre: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/december-24th31st

Le 7 janvier: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/january-7th

Le 14 janvier: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/january-14th

Le 21 janvier: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/january-21st

Le 28 janvier: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/january-28th

Le 4 février: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/february-4th

Le 11 février: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/february-11th

Le 18 février: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/february-18th

Le 25 février: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/february-25th

Le 4 mars: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/march-4th

Le 11 mars: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/march11th

Le 18 mars: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/march-18th

Le 25 mars: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/march-25th

Le 1 avril: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/april-1st

Le 8 avril: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/april-8th

Le 15 avril: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/april-15th

Le 22 avril: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/april-22nd

Le 29 avril: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/april-29th

Le 6 mai: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/may-6th

Le 13 mai: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/may-13th

Le 20 mai: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/may-20th

Le 27 mai: https://quizlet.com/MmeSzetoFI/folders/may-27th



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Curriculum Night – Important Documents


Attached are the documents we will be reviewing at Curriculum Night. Please make note of the tags (Mme Szeto vs. Mme Adey) as there are a few differences between them.


Mme Szeto

Slideshow:Curriculum Night Slideshow 2018-19 (Mme Szeto)(2)-17qtojq

Document (more detail): Curriculum Night Document 2018-19 (Mme Szeto)(2)-22w5yio

General Curriculum Plan: Grade One Curriculum Plan.docx-1oouczk

Homework Duotang Example: Curriculum Night 2018-19 Homework Example (Mme Szeto)(2)-2n3ytgo

Quizlet Baggie Book Example: https://quizlet.com/join/wpPNWvBFT

Quizlet Poem Example: https://quizlet.com/join/jxAEr5ab5


Mme Adey

Slideshow: Curriculum Night Slideshow 2018-19 (Mme Adey)(2)-1w4eyr0

Document (more detail): Curriculum Night Document 2018-19 (Mme Adey)(1)-1biv6bu

General Curriculum Plan: Grade One Curriculum Plan.docx-1oouczk

Homework Duotang Example: http://mmeadey.edublogs.org/2018/09/13/curriculum-night-important-documents/

Quizlet Baggie Book Example: https://quizlet.com/join/wpPNWvBFT

Quizlet Poem Example: https://quizlet.com/join/jxAEr5ab5



Mme Szeto et Mme Adey

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Monthly Poem – mars


Below is our reading video:


Mme Adey et Mme Szeto

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Parent Reminder: March Calendar (Mme Szeto)


Below is our March calendar. Please take note of the additions to the bottom of our calendar (particularly the “**Names on our calendar” section). 🙂

March (1).docx(1)-2kzxcee


Mme Szeto

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Parent Reminder: February Calendar (Mme Szeto)


Attached is an electronic version of this month’s calendar.



Mme Szeto

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Sound Poem: les ours bruns (le 5 février 2018)


Attached is a PDF of our sound poem:

Sound Poem – Les ours bruns(1)-1zoxlqa

Video to follow.


Mme Adey et Mme Szeto

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